Week 15 – Here we are, send us!


“I heard the voice of the Lord, saying: “Whom shall I send, And who will go for Us?”
Then I said, “Here am I! Send me.””
‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭6:8‬

Morning Worship

The GTS teams are getting ready to be sent into the nations. More than fifty young fire-brands are about to be launched out! Over the duration of the last week, we have been sharing testimonies every morning of the Lord’s faithfulness on previous outreach trips. Moments where heaven has opened up over us and His kingdom has come. Staff, leaders and community members testified of lives that were transformed, ears opened, burdens removed, sickness healed, and hearts opened to Yeshua.

This week we have also been celebrating the Lord’s work inside every student, and the visible transformation in their lives. On Wednesday morning the microphone was opened up and every single person in the room was encouraged to come and release a prophetic song. It became a powerful time of declaration and a truly corporate expression of worship. Students began to sing phrases like:

‘I came here insecure and dry, but you filled me with Your Spirit’

‘Came up the the mountain, I was just lukewarm
Going down the mountain, now I’m a fire storm!’

‘Now I can hold my head up high, for I know where I belong’


Praying over the teams and sending them out on Thursday morning was a great joy to witness. Leaders and members of the community took time to pray over bottles of olive oil from our land which will be used as anointing oil in the nations, to pray for healings, deliverances, signs and wonders! As we sang out anthems of praise at the top of our voices, the Lord was marking us for revival. Truly He is taking us to “Wide Open Spaces.”

Erev Shabbat

Last Friday was a wonderfully rich evening of encountering the goodness of the Lord as students and staff filled Makris restaurant, ready to enter into Shabbat. Chandy and Sarah led us through this time as we shared testimonies, entered into rest and celebrated the faithfulness of the Lord with one another. At the beginning of the evening, a few staff members and students joyfully shared testimonies about how the Lord had provided the finances for outreach, a real answer to prayer! As one of the staff stood testifying, someone visiting us received an email at that moment letting them know about a much-needed financial breakthrough! A real focus of Shabbat is remembering and stepping into the provision of the Lord. This is why we always have two loaves of Challah bread on Friday evenings – to remember the Lord’s provision to the Israelites in the wilderness, a double portion of manna every week to make the sabbath day possible.


Streams Worship Gathering – Outreach and Evangelism

Last Sunday, people gathered from across the island to lift up the name of Jesus, coming together for another Streams Worship Gathering. This time, our excitement rose as we began to set up in the open air Onesilos Theatre, right on the beachfront in Limassol. This gathering was unlike previous events as it took place over Easter weekend, a very significant time of the year in Cyprus. In addition to this, we were accompanied by Scott MacLeod’s team from Tennessee, who brought much power and anointing with them! The MacLeod team taught the students during the previous week, focusing on creative expression in worship and evangelism. To put into practice all they imparted, our team split into smaller groups and were sent out into the area before the meeting started! Offering ‘free personalised songs,’ some groups went out to sing prophetically over people. Others drew Holy Spirit-inspired pictures for individuals, worshipped on the streets or simply shared the gospel.


As the teams led us in worship that night, there was such a freedom to express worship for Yeshua that was notably different than events previous. People walking by could clearly see people wildly dancing, singing praise to God and unashamedly asking Him to touch this island and restore Cyprus to it’s God-given purpose.


Testimony Alert: Rahel, a second year student, was inspired to draw a particular picture in the afternoon. She went to the beach and saw a girl sitting in the sand, and felt from the Holy Spirit that this picture was for her. The girl was shocked and said “I was sitting here meditating, reflecting on my life!” She shared that she was from Romania, the very nation Rahel is also from! Not only was she encouraged to hear that the God of Heaven and Earth knew her personally and saw her, but Rahel was also encouraged to see how effective the gifting of God inside her truly is. This testimony is only one of many we heard that day.

Weekly Teaching

It was a privilege to have Matthew share his heart at the beginning of the week about the nations we will be traveling to. Earlier this year, the Lord spoke to him that “the pathways of refuge will become the highways of mission.” Matthew shared that God’s heart is to bring people out of their brokenness and then transform them into carriers of His kingdom! He inspired both outreach teams along these lines, to serve with eyes of compassion and to be a representation of Yeshua himself.

For the GTS I students, it was also such an honor to welcome Pastor Stavros who came to share about ministering in Greece. He is one of our main connections with Athens, and so it was a joy to hear more from him this week. Charging us to come with our hearts prepared and to be ready to serve those in need, Pastor Stavros shared that even though we may not always be able to share about Yeshua openly everywhere we go, we can nevertheless communicate the gospel through our love.

Remi spent time with the students sharing about what students should expect during times of prophetic ministry while on outreach. He inspired students to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit and to be expectant to receive words of knowledge and prophetic words for people. Preston taught on how to share the gospel confidently and with passion on the streets. He also took time to instruct the students on sharing testimonies in a way that brings encouragement to people while releasing glory to God. Afterwards, some of the students were given an opportunity to practice what they had just been taught. This has been a rich week of practical equipping for everyone on the teams!

Outreach Prep

Since this is our last week before outreach, in lieu of the regular afternoon teaching schedule, our focus has been placed in getting ready to be launched into the nations. This week, all of the students have spent time learning a powerful dance which they will perform in groups in the context of church ministry and also on the streets as a form of evangelism. Set to a poem written by one of our interns, the message of the gospel is boldly declared through strong movements as the struggle between darkness and light is overturned by the blood of Yeshua shed on Calvary. Dances and dramas are great tools to use while on outreach, which can often break down barriers between people and languages. We are full of expectancy that the students will return with many testimonies resulting from the performance of this!


GTS II – Romans Class

“There is now therefore no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. For the law of the Spirit of life has set you free in Christ Jesus from the law of sin and death.” These words, though familiar and frequently referenced, have been repeated over and over again as the students of GTS II have come to their final challenge of the Romans Class. Their assignment during the school was to recite all of Romans chapter 8 by memory. As they completed their recital one by one, students received a final jubilant cheer for their hard work. Not only have they have been able to recite these scriptures, but they have had the opportunity to take hold of the book of Romans in a new way, allowing it to truly become part of who they are: this is not something they will soon forget.

GTS II Orientation

GTS II gathered this week as we have set Ukraine, Poland and Germany into our sights! Staff excitedly shared about the different ministry opportunities coming up in this next month. We have the great privilege of traveling to Ukraine with our very own Ukrainian-at-heart: Krista! During orientation, Krista shared about the current situation in Ukraine, enabling students to go with a greater understanding and perspective about the nation. The love and compassion she has for Ukraine caused tears to fill her eyes and it was enough to move many of our team to tears as well. Orientation was not only to prepare our mind for the intensity of the next month of travel, but also to orient our spirits toward the Lord’s, tuning into His desire for these nations. We have much anticipation for all that God has in store – with this we say “all for God’s glory!”


GTS I Barbecue and Orientation

To celebrate one of our last meals in Cyprus together before outreach, GTS I students gathered together for a barbecue at Ruben and Melissa’s house. Some of our best times have been around the table! After dinner ended, we began the long-anticipated outreach orientation. Our hearts began to overflow with faith for the journey ahead as staff shared more about what is to be expected during the trip. It’s been an amazing season for the first year students, who now cannot wait to be launched into the nations together.


“Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine…”
Ephesians 3