Week 13 – Highest Praises


In a loud voice they were saying: “Worthy is the Lamb, who was slain, to receive power and wealth and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and praise!”
‭‭Revelation‬ ‭5:12‬ ‭

With loud voices and full hearts of praise, we join with heaven to declare His worth. The worthiness of the Lord can never be exaggerated. The fraction we know about Him inspires endless praise from within us, and yet we have seen only a glimpse of His majesty. Day after day, we receive renewed vision of who He is and respond in worship and adoration – a continual cycle of amazement at who He is and all He has done! Yeshua is the most excellent one in all of heaven and earth, and deserves the fullest expression of praise we can give!

Morning Worship

On Wednesday morning, we started to sing “to Him who sits on the throne and unto the Lamb, be all blessing and glory and honor and power!” Together we stepped onto a holy mountaintop of worship and encounter. Moments like these require a response from every heart, and we were stirred to hold nothing back in any way: as a community we are committed to giving Him the honor He deserves. Our highest praises. Students, staff and guests alike were encouraged to enter into a fresh and wholehearted dimension of praise through dance, song, movement and music. With full expression, we began to release the fragrant aroma of lives given unto the Lord and surrendered before Him.

We have also sent out many guests during the last week, as friends and family came together to celebrate the marriage of David and Rachel. A real highlight was standing alongside the Gateways Beyond Herrnhut team, and sending them out with prophecy, declaration and honor. Their faithfulness and pioneering spirit is releasing breakthrough for a whole generation in Germany!


Erev Shabbat

The arrival of Shabbat always brings with it the sense of peace or shalom. It is an appointed and set apart time of rest for the people of God. One definition of the Hebrew word shalom is that nothing is missing, lacking or broken – we step into the prepared rest of God and receive His fullness and completeness into our lives. Ruben and Melissa, a precious family within Gateways Cyprus, led us through the life-filled and beautiful weekly tradition of Shabbat. Together, we intentionally stepped into rest and celebrated the overflowing goodness of God in our lives. Several students began the evening sharing testimonies from the past week. From the lighting of the candles, to the breaking of bread and the sharing of wine, the presence of Yeshua continues to touch our hearts week after week. Laughter is a key ingredient of any Shabbat celebration, and this week was no exception as we played games, shared stories and enjoyed friendship with one another in all its fullness.


Congratulations David and Rachel!

Last Saturday we had the great joy of celebrating with David and Rachel as they became husband and wife! Both David and Rachel are precious members of our community and have been leaders in the GTS for a number of years. Because of this, their wedding day brought together many friends from across the globe, along with members of the wider Gateways Beyond tribe. Their vows were declared underneath the covering of the chuppah as guests watched on with full hearts, the sun shining gloriously in the sky. Following a beautiful wedding banquet in Limassol, the party then continued into the night as guests put their dancing shoes on! Momentous occasions like this are rich reminders of the deep source of life found in community. Congratulations to the newlyweds!


GTS I – Weekly Teaching

The GTS I students had a deeply impacting week of teaching from Tod McDowell and his team this week. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Tod is the Executive Director of Caleb Company. Together we share a similar heart and vision and so it is always wonderful to receive this team. One of the sessions this week was solely devoted to praying and prophesying over each of the students, and it was amazing to see the word of the Lord released over their lives. A major focus of Tod’s time with the students was sharing about their identity in the Lord. They were given an assignment to each write out a ‘life vision statement’ and as each statement was declared, the students began to powerfully prophecy over their own lives. Hearing what they spoke out, we can easily see the beauty of God that is continually being revealed!


Intern project: Land Development

During the GTS, it is amazing to see how our interns have taken hold of various projects and brought a burst of new life. One of the exciting new developments this year has been a ‘land development’ project, taken on by Julie and Rachel. Over the past few months, they have been using different products made on our land here, such as the beeswax and olive oil, and have been making natural, organic lip balm and hand lotions. Using what is produced on the land in this way has been a dream for a while, and so it has been very special to see this taking shape and gaining momentum!


GTS II – Weekly Teaching

Martin and Rebekah Neil are an extraordinary couple who have experienced many cultures, peoples and places. They have spent time with Native American tribes, the Mauri tribe of New Zealand and different tribes throughout Africa, adopting a unique approach to connect with people groups. This week it was very special to receive from our friends! They encouraged our GTS II students to be themselves, as this is the most precious gift one can offer. They also taught our students a combination of rhythms using drumsticks which was layered into a complicated yet truly beautiful sound! Our students and guests for this week were inspired and deeply moved by the time they spent with the Neils. We are thankful for the timing of the Neil’s teaching as our students prepare emotionally, mentally and spiritually for our fast-approaching outreach to the nations!