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Areas of Focus:

Identity & Destiny

Worship & Intercession

Intimacy with the Father

Jewish Roots

Character Building Discipleship

World Outreach


Equipping this generation with God’s heart for Israel & the nations since 2000

Gateways Training School

Equipping this generation with God’s heart for Israel & the nations since 2000

The Gateways Training School is an extraordinary life-changing discipleship program. Designed over a 2-year period, students spend 5 months of each year in intense classroom and ministry study, within the context of a thriving missional community.

The atmosphere is saturated with God’s presence as we gather for worship 6 days a week. As part of the program, students spend one month in Israel for the “Experience Israel Journey” and one month on outreach to the Nations.

The GTS focuses on character development, worship and intercession, and a love for Israel and the Nations.

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GTS – Year I

  • Identity & Destiny
  • Student Preaching
  • Creative Journalling
  • Experience Israel Journey
  • Outdoor Pursuits
  • Camping Trip
  • Team Building

GTS – Year II

  • Gifts & Calling
  • Romans Class
  • Life Skills Class
  • Biblical Dream Interpretation
  • Focus on serving local ministries in Israel
  • Strengthening Your Foundation
  • Creative Workshops

Areas of Focus

  • Intimacy with the Father

    Understanding the character and ways of God. Learning to hear & obey the voice of God. Developing a personal devotional life.

  • Prophetic Worship & Intercession

    Building devotional and corporate altars of worship and prayer that are foundational to the student’s walk with the Lord. Appreciating cultural diversity in worship. Identifying with Yeshua’s heart and burden for all peoples.

  • Character Building Discipleship

    Providing opportunities for the student to grow in character by being placed in an environment that challenges he/she to be more conformed to the image of Messiah.

  • Jewish Roots

    Teaching from a first century, apostolic, Jewish rooted perspective. Celebrating the life cycles of Shabbat and the Festivals of Israel. Training in righteousness through a Torah-centered lifestyle.

  • Identity & Destiny

    Understanding ‘who we are’ and ‘where we’re going’ in relationship to the Lord. Cleansing and freedom from generational curses and bondages that have hindered the student’s spiritual growth.

  • Messianic Jewish World Outreach

    Reaching out to God’s ancient people and becoming “a light to the nations”. Cultivating a heart for the poorest of the poor.

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Robert Heidler

I believe Gateways Beyond Training Center is one of the most effective ministry training schools in the world today. It is marked by a strong sense of the presence of the Lord and the spirit of revival. There is also a depth of praise and worship not found in many places. In both of my visits to GTS, I have been strongly impressed with the love and commitment shared by students as well as staff. There is a true sense of community, where faith and vision are nurtured, while ministry skills are communicated. I would highly recommend GTS to anyone who is committed to serving Yeshua more effectively.

Robert Heidler Senior Pastor, Glory of Zion Outreach Center
Dr. Daniel Juster

For Patty and I, visiting Gateways Training School is one of the highlights of our year. Why? It is because the Rudolph family has produced serious training with the finest teachers in a discipleship and worship setting that is second to none. The presence of the Spirit is beyond wonderful at Gateways. Development in faith and character is well accomplished in the program. Any young person who is committed to Messianic Jewish life and called to Jewish mission or World mission would find this a most excellent venue for growth.

Dr. Daniel Juster Founder & Director of Tikkun International
Dr. Wayne Wilks Jr.

I believe that Gateways Beyond provides a phenomenal opportunity for training those called to Jewish work. The rich spiritual atmosphere on the beautiful island of Cyprus, emphasis on character development, exciting ministry trips, and opportunity to sit under some of the best Messianic and Church leaders in the world sets Gateways apart for any young adult who wants to serve God and the Jewish people. Without hesitation, I recommend Gateways Training School as one of the most effective and spiritually vibrant training schools in the world for Jewish ministry.

Dr. Wayne Wilks Jr.International Director of MJBI
Asher Intrater

The “Gateways experience” is awesome. The depth of worship, fellowship, discipleship, and vision is unique. They have not only had a great impact on their students, but on the community of faith in Israel and other nations around the world. My own family has been powerfully touched by our involvement with the Gateways team.

Asher IntraterFounder & Director of Revive Israel
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