STREAMS REPORT: Dresden, Germany – June 2016


Last Saturday evening, both GTS I and II classes joined the Gateways Beyond Germany team for a Streams Worship Gathering at the Maritim Congress Centre in Dresden, the influential capital city of Saxony. Taking place at the very end of the GTS outreach trips to the nations, those gathered were full of expectancy for the Lord to move. We entered into a powerful time of worship led by members of our communities in Germany, Cyprus and Israel – a rare and precious moment. Our desire was to see a new sound being lifted up over this region, a song of hope arising in Germany. Believers had journeyed from across Germany to attend the meeting and we were also honored to welcome some of our brothers and sisters who were recently forced to flee their own nations. As everyone lifted their voices, passionate praise and worship was being poured out all over the room. Sounds of German, English, Arabic and Farsi uniting in a cry of adoration reminded us of the time that will come when everyone nation, tongue and tribe will worship the Lamb.


During the event, Norm Frederick, leader of the Gateways Beyond Germany base in Herrnhut, shared his heart for the city and how God has been stirring this in him for the last ten years. The declaration that came forth was “Now is the time for Dresden!” He encouraged all those who attended the event to be a people not satisfied with what they have already seen, but to be continually seeking the growth and advancement of the Kingdom. He exhorted us to be carriers of the glory within, and believe for revival in the region. As the Spirit of God began to rest more heavily in the room, Norm made a call to expand our vision and ask for the impossible! The evening led into a time of prayer ministry over those who needed breakthrough, healing in their bodies or simply felt the urge to respond to the stirring of the Lord.

We have been praying for years, “Saxony for the glory of God,” and last Saturday we tasted some of the fruit of those prayers. As a family of communities we will continue to pray and intercede for Germany and believe for revival in the nation.


Testimony Alert: One of the many testimonies from the evening took place during a time of prayer ministry at the end of the meeting. A young man had come forward for prayer who was suffering with depression: he had been experiencing some negative side effects due to his medication and desired a touch from the Lord. After praying for him, he was asked if he felt anything happening in his body. Faith rose as he said that all the pain had left his body and that he felt filled with peace. Encouraging him to go and soak in the presence of God as the worship continued, we declared over him that God would finish this wonderful work of healing and restoration!

Another testimony came as God moved upon a young man from the Middle East. As he was being prayed for, he became like a statue except tears were streaming down his face. After some time, without ever moving but continuing to weep, he was asked through the interpreter what was happening – the young man shared that when he began to be prayed for, he felt large wings embrace him and he could feel feathers on his arms. How amazing to know that there were angels of breakthrough present in the room!