Ringing the Med

A vision to see the Glory of the Lord touching the 22 nations surrounding the Mediterranean Sea

Ringing the Med is a vision of Gateways Beyond International for the nations surrounding the Mediterranean Sea as given to the international director:

“It happened while I was praying with a brother from Morocco. As we prayed we felt the weight of God’s presence fall followed by a vision of the fire of God rapidly encircling the Mediterranean Sea. I sensed the Lord say that we were to send teams to every nation that surrounds the Mediterranean.”

Even though this is just a short glimpse into God’s heart, the impact of this vision never lost it’s grip and now shakes us, once more as a whole community. As we watch the news and see the current shakings and rumblings within the world, we are certain that now more than ever we are to pray and align ourselves with His desire for this Mediterranean region.

When moving to Cyprus in 1999,

the founders of our ministry set their hearts to establish an altar of worship and prayer. Meeting daily with this mindset, a standard was set for everything else that was to come. Through these times God was able to release many wonderful encounters to individuals and us as a cooperate body. Visions were born, healing released, families restored and intercession was made on behalf of many peoples, languages and nations. Many times the spirit would move upon us to release His desire for specific people groups and regions, stirring us to become the answers to our own prayers.

In much the same way He is again awakening our hearts to dream with Him of a mighty outbreak of His power in this region. We are certain that this wave of fire is coming and nothing can withstand.

Looking back into the history we find the powerful testimony of Yeshua implanted in the heritage of these nations. Even as we read Acts 2 we see them listed as being present in the first outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the church. All throughout the accounts of the Apostles as well as the Prophets we find their importance in the eyes of God. We see that throughout the centuries there is a great battle over this region which only confirms the great destiny and calling. Once again we see how darkness is trying to cover the people and bring them only into a deeper enslavement of sin, trying to shut down the redemptive gift that will bring blessing to all the earth. But Isaiah 60 brings to our attention that even in darkness a great light will break forth that will draw many people and nations into the revelation of our Messiah. He is the hope of glory that will bring life to the dead, joy to the sad, strength to the weary and garments of praise to the heavy hearted.

“It is not by might nor by power but by my spirit says the Lord.” We certainly don’t believe to have all the answers for this region neither do we have the strength to see this vision come to pass, but we want to align ourselves with the heart of God in prayer, willing to lay down our lives to see the name of our Lord high and lifted up. It is our desire to see a army of believers filled with the love of God, going forth and winning many to the saving knowledge of Yeshua. For 15 years we have continually stood in the place of prayer believing God to release rivers of love running down from our base in the mountains of Cyprus and touching every nation on the rim of the Mediterranean Sea.

“Ringing the Med” is a prayer initiative, yet it is so much more. It is our desire that ministries serving in this region will come together for this initiative and embrace God’s heart for both Isaac and Ishmael as the key to unlock the treasures of the Sea and release a revival in the Middle East.

When the Lord gave the vision, we knew that God was asking us to take the next step. We want to take our prayer and worship into all the 22 nations that dwell on the shores of this great sea and see altars of praise erected once more, and ancient wells of revival re-dug. We invite you to join us, by praying for this region and partner with us as we seek God’s strategy for us.

“I saw a picture of Cyprus looking like a compass with the North East tip of the island being the needle that points north. The needle, which was the North East tip, was spinning around very fast and as it was spinning it was shooting out flames from the north tip into the different directions of the Mediterranean. The flames hit the shores of the surrounding countries, setting the coastlands on fire. As I was looking closer I saw that the flames that were shot out were people set on fire.”

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