Outreach Update: GTS I in Passau


On our last morning in Greece we woke up early to board our flight to our next outreach destination. After looking forward to Germany for months, the expectation in our hearts for the next two weeks arose. We had a few bus and train rides to Passau, a city in the state of Bavaria, where we were warmly greeted by members of Ruben and Melissa’s sending church, EFG-Passau.


Prayer Meetings

Each evening of the week we were invited by the church to participate in their daily prayer meetings. They have been meeting every evening for the last eight years crying out for a move of the Holy Spirit in their congregation, city and nation. It was such a blessing to join together in pouring out our hearts for this place. Each meeting we prayed for the Lord to break the spirit of apathy and that the German people would be raised up into their true identity. The momentum grew every evening as we cried out for a move of God in this region that would ripple across the entire nation.


Work Day

We had the opportunity to split into teams on Wednesday to do various work projects together. One team stayed at the church to spend time deep cleaning and working outdoors. While that was happening, the other half of the team went to an asylum home to help get apartments ready for refugee families to move in. Though we knew we had our work cut out for us, we all partnered together to make it look the best we could. Some of the people who lived in other flats came to join us as they saw how hard we were all working. The woman leading the project at the home told us what an inspiration we were and expressed her gratefulness as we left. It’s such a privilege to be able to prepare a safe place for these refugees to live. May the presence of the Lord fill these homes!


Praying Over Passau

One of our days we split into two groups to pray over the city of Passau. One group went to a spot that overlooked the city to worship and intercede for the city. Another group went to the point where the three rivers– Donau, Inn, and Ils– come together. With our teams effectively surrounding the city on both sides of the river, each group spent a few hours praying and making declarations over Passau.

After spending so much time in prayer over the city this week, we went out to do street evangelism in hopes to reach the very people that we have been praying for. We were very encouraged by the encounters that we had with people. One woman was so touched by the radiance she saw in one of our team members that she began to cry. After explaining that the radiance was Yeshua in her, this woman explained how she had walked away from her faith but this experience is drawing her back. What a testimony!


Overnight Trip to Freilassing

On Thursday about half of the team was sent out to Freilassing, another city in the region of Bavaria, for an overnight trip to join with a church there. We made the two hour drive full of expectation for all that God wanted to pour out.

When we arrived we had the opportunity to spend time with refugees who have made a connection with the church. Most of the afternoon was spent sharing in conversation over coffee and cake and after a time of fellowship we helped them learn a simple English worship song about God’s goodness. We began to sing it in the many different languages that were represented. A member from the church then shared a message on the power of the Trinity and on Pentecost. After the message Kristina introduced the team and shared with them several testimonies from our time in Greece. Next we were treated with one more song and a second round of coffee and cake.

A Night of Worship

After our time with the refugees, we were able to minister in worship, testimony, and prayer ministry at the church in Freilassing. Preston and Abby led a powerful time of worship as they welcomed the presence of the Lord and invited the church to fully enter in. Emory shared a powerful testimony about God’s faithfulness in her life and Jessica spoke about the way Yeshua has transformed her life just by asking for more of Him. Joni gave a timely exhortation for the congregation from the life of Jacob about honesty and vulnerability with the Lord.

At the close of the service we stepped into a time of prophetic ministry for individuals that were highlighted to us in the service. It was so beautiful to see the so many being touched by the Spirit. For a while many people continued coming forward to receive prayer, mostly just desiring for more of God in their lives. Even after the service ended, so many people stayed to continue in worship and receive prayer.


Street Evangelism in Freilassing

After an amazing night of worship and ministry, the team was ready to hit the streets for a time of street evangelism. One of the members of the church who came with us is a very gifted prophetic artist and led one of our groups to reach out through art. Another group went to a nearby hospital to minister and some of us stayed in the city center. One of the teams had the opportunity to pray for a precious family believing for a baptism of the Holy Spirit.


Worship Night in Passau

When the team who went to Freilassing arrived back in Passau we had a some time to rest before jumping into another evening worship service. During an amazing time of worship, Ruben and Kristina invited the church to come forward to enter into a deeper lifestyle of worship and adoration. The team was released to anoint the people with the oil from the land in Cyprus as we prayed over each one. We want to be a people given to worship crying out for the fire of God to fall upon the altar of our hearts. Eventually exuberant praise was released as we worshipped and danced declaring the joyful call of the Lord on our lives! We ended with singing “I exalt thee” in German lifting high the name of Yeshua. All night the atmosphere was thick with the tangible presence of God.


Family Festival

Early in the week a team went into the city to invite refugees to a family festival hosted by the church and by a world wide organization, Royal Rangers. Our team had the great joy of serving throughout the day in various ways like leading games and preparing food. There were activities for everyone including a soccer tournament that many of our guys got to participate in. One of the favorites for both children and adults was the face painting station.


The goal of the day was for people to have fun and encounter the love of God. For over five hours we poured out all we had to give with enthusiastic energy to make this day special for everyone. The festival was a huge success and we are so thankful to have had the privilege to be a part of it.


Sunday Morning Church Service

Our last service in Passau was the Sunday service at EFG-Passau. At this point we had all received such a heart for this church and this city and couldn’t wait to see how God would pour out His Spirit again. The students performed the drama we had prepared in Cyprus as a representation of the transformation they have experienced in their lives. Immediately after the drama, Daira went straight into a testimony of the joy and freedom she has found during this season of consecration. Believing it was a word also for the church, Jerome shared next about finding a fire for the Lord that he has never felt before. Ruben preached to his church in German. Even though most of us couldn’t understand what was being said, the expressions on the faces told it all. The staff and students who received specific words came forward to release them over the people and the rest were released to pray over any who came forward. It was beautiful to watch the Lord move among His people.

One of the most encouraging things for us was when our team was addressed by the pastor of the church. He shared about the impact we had made on him and the church. Many of us listened in tears as we realized the ways that God had used us this week. We have been so honored to serve alongside this community.It’s amazing at how after just several days, our hearts can be so knit together and at home in one place.



After church we spent time in the city with some of the members of the church who became close friends throughout the week. We had dinner and ice cream as we remembered all of the wonderful things God did in our midst this week. Saying goodbye wasn’t easy but we were so thankful with all that the Lord poured out this week. As we drove away we prayed blessing over Passau, continuing to trust in His faithfulness for this city!