Outreach Update: GTS I in Dresden


With one more week of outreach ahead of us, we packed up the vans and made our way to the city of Dresden. This city is the capital of Saxony, a state in east Germany. For years the cry of our heart has been “Saxony for the glory of God.” What a privilege to end this amazing month in the city we have been praying so long for!

Prayer Over Dresden

Shortly after we arrived, we drove to a point that overlooks Dresden and met for a time of prayer over the city. Kristina shared her heart about her love for Saxony, the vision she has for this region, and how special it is for her to be home on outreach. After a time of worship we began declaring the purposes of God over this city and region.


Work Day

One of the churches we connected to, Jesus Gemeinde, has recently bought a very large, old building. Right now they are in the process of restoring the building with the intent to have meetings that could hold up to 1300 people. So for a full day we came in to work on various projects to help them reach their goal. Before work began, they shared their desire for us to not only work practically but to bathe this place with prayer and worship. As we worshipped in the morning, the man in charge of the building project shared a picture about the structure behind us being torn down in a few days and how God wants to remove the negative things from our pasts to build us into something greater. We worked for a few hours and took another worship break during lunch, and before we left for the evening we worshipped again. We truly did bathe the place in praise! It was such a great reminder for all of us to set our focus on the Lord in the midst of every project or circumstance.


Prayer Breakfast in Borlas

On Wednesday morning we drove to a village called Borlas to have a prayer breakfast with a long time friend of Gateways, Charlotta, and her ministry partners. She has a beautiful home that is dedicated to worship, prayer and discipleship. She has such a big heart for Dresden, to see Yeshua transform the lives of the oppressed there.
After our breakfast we moved into a time of worship together. The Holy Spirit was moving among us and different ones had prophetic words of encouragement for Charlotta and her team. What a joy to pour out all that we have received in this season on this ministry. After only a few hours, we left feeling like family with these precious people.


Home Groups

After our prayer breakfast, we enjoyed each others company for a while before we split into small teams to attend different home groups within Jesus Gemeinde. Many of us were able to share testimonies from the school year and pray for the members of the group. Other groups were able to lead worship and minister prophetically. It was so great to hear about all of the ways God moved through our team when we all met back together that night.
One of those groups was specifically for business people but they all really wanted to know about our time in Greece serving with the refugees. As we shared together, everyone was mutually encouraged by all God is doing inside and outside of the church.


Daytrip to Herrnhut

One morning we woke up quite early to hop in the vans and make the drive to Herrnhut. The whole team had been desiring to visit since we heard that Germany was one of our outreach destinations. When we arrived we were ecstatic to see the GTS II Team who had also come for the day. We gathered together with the Gateways Hernnhut team for a time of worship and prayer over the city and region. After worship Norm shared his heart about the Lord awakening hope in the region of Saxony.

After worship we were taken on a tour of Hernnhut where we were all encouraged to pull on the testimony of this city for our own lives. Here, Count Zinzendorf opened his home to those escaping religious persecution and ultimately helped establish a night and day prayer movement that lasted for over 100 years. Having a rich spiritual inheritance from his family, this man had such an influence on the missions movements in the 1700s. It was so meaningful to receive so much revelation out of one man’s life and sacrifice. At the end of our tour we went to a tower overlooking Hernnhut to pray for an outpouring once again in this village.


Evening Service at Emmaus Church

Some of the team had the opportunity to go to Emmaus Church in Dresden for a service normally for youth but because we were coming to minister they opened it up to the whole congregation. After a time of worship, Iulian shared a testimony of the love of Yeshua healing his heart and overcoming the fear of man. Next, Alicia shared a testimony of her radical pursuit of the Lord and how through that He has given her the desires of her heart. Gabriel shared a powerful message beginning with sharing his heart for the nation of Germany and receiving God’s passionate love for the German people. He gave some of his testimony of how his life changed as he dedicated it to the Lord and how it brought him to a place of hope. He encouraged the church to look at their lives and called them to a higher place of rededication. Afterwards, people were invited forward for prayer and the students were released to pray over those God highlighted to them.


Childrens Ministry

This outreach has been full of children’s ministry and we had one more very special opportunity this week. A faithful woman from Jesus Gemeinde has a beautiful ministry of reaching out to kids of various ages in a rough part of town. She explained that most of the neighborhood is primarily atheists and are not very open to the Gospel. Most of the kids come from single parent households and have had a difficult upbringing. This selfless woman has given her all to pour out every ounce of love that is in her to serve these children and their families. Usually there are very few to no volunteers so we came to add some strength to her program. For us we expected it to be two hours of games and crafts, but it was so much more. Some of us even got to share a little about our lives and connect with a few of the moms who hung around for a while. As we left we were very moved at the selfless act of one woman and how significant her work is.



Erev Shabbat

With only a few more days of a very full trip, we sat down to a very nice dinner prepared by Kristina for Erev Shabbat. We invited many guests to attend and to share in the joy of entering His rest. As we took a deep breath and recited the traditional prayers, new life and refreshment filled our spirits again. We enjoyed fellowship around the table as we shared in the traditional German meal together.


Sunday Afternoon Services

On Sunday we had one last opportunity to serve with Jesus Gemeinde. There are a few different locations that have recently been planted by the church. We had the opportunity to split into teams and be at three different services. Most of the time we spent was pouring into the children in their Sunday school classes. In one service we were invited to lead worship and in another pray for the core leadership team of that specific location.




To end the outreach trip we had a time of debrief together. Throughout the day we each shared our hearts about how the Lord has moved in our lives this month. Each one took time to share their highlights, challenges, and how they will take home what they have experienced. A common highlight was serving in the refugee camps and how perspectives changed towards refugees. As we ended our time of debrief together we lifted up our voices all together praying for the nations that we have ministered in.