ENCOUNTER – Day Three and Four


Morning Worship

Our times of worship are quickly becoming the highlight of each day, as they should be. We love giving God our best! As we come together each morning to sing songs of praise and adoration, a platform is created for God to move and touch our hearts, bringing transformation. Over the past few days, the Lord has been moving and the list of testimonies is growing. Several young people came forward at the beginning of worship on Tuesday and Wednesday morning to testify of what God is doing in them already this week. Many have experienced more joy, peace and courage as a result of God’s touch. Someone shared how they had felt depressed and heavy for a few months before Encounter and didn’t really want to come – but after experiencing God during worship they felt the heaviness lift and were filled with joy! On Tuesday morning, it was amazing to hear from Ani as she shared her life’s testimony. Ani came to the second ever Encounter camp back in 2011 and has been back every year since. This year she is joining our staff team for the first time! It was so powerful to hear her speak from a place of breakthrough and authority about what God has done in her life, and we were all so encouraged to witness an ‘Encounter-teen’ a few years down the line, pursuing God with a passion.


Hiking the Waterfall

Tuesday was our hiking day and the group excitedly made their way into the cars to begin! We drove to Foini, which is quite close to our base in Moniatis, and spent the afternoon exploring some waterfalls there. As the cars dropped everyone off at the bottom of the hill, it was a great warmup to make our way upwards – the sound of water getting louder and louder encouraged us to keep walking! The effort was definitely worth it as we reached the top and had a picnic lunch in a beautiful spot by the waterfall, underneath the covering of green trees. We began to climb higher, following the streams further up the mountain but unfortunately the weather then turned against us and we got caught in a huge downpour of rain! Forced to turn back, the group made their way down towards the cars – very wet but still having a lot of fun! Similar to last year’s Encounter hike, it seems that the forecast can be quite difficult to predict…

Serving at Wellspring

On Wednesday, we had the amazing opportunity to send a small team to help out at RightHere, a second-hand store in Limassol which is part of Wellspring Association. Wellspring is a ministry striving to be a counterforce against injustice in Cyprus. Working with victims of human trafficking, sexual exploitation and other forms of abuse or vulnerability they have opened a drop-in centre in Limassol and also organize after-care, home visits and other activities. Our team of six made their way to the second-hand store and spent the day helping in any way they could. In a few hours they sorted through donations, labelled clothing and arranged a children’s window display. Margot, the store’s manager and one of Wellspring’s faithful volunteers, shared their vision with the group. She spoke about how many of the women dealing with crises in their lives have lost their sense of identity, hope and future. Wellspring desires to see their lives restored to a place of secure identity and hope-filled destiny! During our time there, God began to touch the hearts of those in our group in a powerful way – He was giving us His heart for justice and allowing us to feel something of what He feels. One of the girls shared afterwards that she felt she could give her life to working for a vision like Wellspring’s! May we be ready and willing to answer the call to be a voice in the nations for justice, mercy and compassion! May we cry out for those with no voice! We encourage you to find out more about Wellspring and the amazing work they are doing.

Dance Practice

During Encounter, the teens are spending time to learn a group dance set to the song ‘On the Shores’ by Jonathan David and Melissa Helser. This is a great chance to exercise our freedom in worship through movement! God has used dance and movement a countless number of times to bring breakthrough in people’s lives and we are so expectant for this year’s dance too. The chorus of the song rings out with the lyrics “I’m going to sing out loud and let my voice be heard! It’s a song of victory and it’s ringing in the Earth” – another reminder of our heart behind this year’s theme “Cry Out.” Our prayer is that even during the rehearsals God would touch hearts with his love and power. We will be performing the finished dance on Sunday night at our Streams Worship Gathering in Limassol (join us at 16.00 at Glory House!).

An Afternoon at Adventure Mountain Park

On Wednesday afternoon we drove to Adventure Mountain Park which is an outdoor activity center in the mountains. This was a great time of activities and fun for everyone, and the perfect opportunity to let off some steam. The camp split into two groups and took turns playing laser-tag and rock climbing. For many people, rock climbing was outside of their comfort zone – yet, in the process they learned how to step out in a new area and overcome fears and limitations. The laser tag game quickly became competitive as each team wanted to finish in first place. After an intense couple of hours, the Green team emerged as the overall winners!