ENCOUNTER – Day Seven & Eight


Therefore, Go!

On Saturday morning we had our final devotional time together. With each day highlighting a different theme, it was exciting to dive into the final topic: ‘Therefore, Go!’ Based on Yeshua’s Great Commission of Matthew 28, we meditated on what it means to be sent out into the world as agents of revival. As we encounter God this week on the mountain, our desire to see His presence taken down to where there are many broken people in need of a similar touch from the Lord. Talking together in small groups, each young person was given the opportunity to share about their personal journey and reflections on the day’s scripture portions. Our team spoke life into the young people and prayed for courage to overcome areas of fear. May we be marked with an Isaiah 61 anointing!


Football Tournament

On Saturday afternoon, the teams enjoyed one of their final opportunities to win points for their teams. This time they would be competing in a football tournament! Driving to a nearby football pitch, we had a short warmup playing Ultimate Frisbee before diving into the game with passion. With each match only lasting 10 minutes, there was only a small window to shine before the next teams would have a turn to step up. Extra points were appointed to individuals with the Best Attitude (Joshua from the Yellow team) and also to the Best Players (Arad from the Green team and Judith from the Yellow team!). During the football matches, those not playing competed to see who could keep a volleyball in the air for the longest time and which team could do the most kickups with a football. At the end of the day, we said goodbye to Joshua, Caleb and Louise as they left to fly to the UK – it’s been such a joy to have them with us! God is truly forming some deep and special friendships this year during Encounter Camp, as we have fun together but most importantly as we run after Jesus together. Friendships birthed in His presence can last a lifetime!


Saturday Night Worship

Saturday night was our final big worship blow-out here in Moniatis! Packed into the worship room, it filled us with joy to see those gathered worshipping with abandonment. Shining faces and hands raised high bore witness to the many transformations that have taken place in only one week. As we worshipped, the Holy Spirit came and blew through the room, taking many to deeper places than they had been before. Standing under the waterfall of His love and power, we received another fresh touch from God on our final night together. As our team moved through the room praying for people and anointing them with oil from our land, it was clear to see the hearts that were being set ablaze and those who were being marked by His Spirit. After a while we began to pray for our families and particularly those who don’t yet know the Lord. Siblings came together to intercede for breakthrough in their families, and nationalities also stood with each other to ask God for an outpouring in their own land. The night came to a close as the young people were commissioned to return home carrying this fire of revival!


Streams Worship Gathering – Limassol

We ended this year’s Encounter Camp with a Streams Worship Gathering in Limassol on Sunday night. Joining with everyone at Glory House, it was great to be reunited with parents, family and friends as we gathered together to worship and thank God! The evening began powerfully as Arad, Daniella, and George all came forward to share their own testimonies of what the Lord has done this past week. Everyone then made their way to the front as it was time to perform our group dance! Following on from the freedom we all received in worship during the camp, the team stepped up to inspire this liberty in others as they moved together strongly. Wearing our Cry Out t-shirts, the theme of the camp was shown again as the song’s lyrics declared “I’m going to sing out loud and let my voice be heard!” After a time of worship, Chandy shared a message about responding to every situation from the viewpoint of God’s love, challenging us to be set apart with His vision and Heaven’s perspective. As the meeting ended, the sound of a great cry filled the room as we shouted out the name of Jesus together – ‘we love Your name, Jesus, You’re the beautiful one!’

Truly this year’s Encounter Camp has been life changing for both the young people and also for our team, and we are so thankful to the Lord for how He has met us with His presence and filled us with His love. May we go on from this time into where God has called us with the sound of hope ringing out from our lives. May we never stop crying out!