ENCOUNTER – Day One and Two


Welcome to Encounter Camp!

Welcome to Encounter Camp’s blog for 2016! We are so expectant for God to meet us all in a powerful way and for lives to be changed over the next action-packed week in His presence. On Sunday morning, our staff waited in anticipation for the first arrivals of young people. Teens from Cyprus, Israel, Egypt and Belgium are joining us this year and we cannot wait to see what God does in these 26 revival-carriers! Gwen and Remi, our Encounter leaders, took some time to share the vision and theme behind this year’s Encounter – CRY OUT. Inspired by Isaiah 40, we desire to see an emerging generation finding their voice and crying out for the Lord! They then introduced our wonderful staff team and everyone was taken to find their bed and unpack for the next 7 days!


Breaking the Ice

To help us get to know each other at the beginning of the week, we played a few ice-breaker games on Sunday afternoon, led by Alicia. Everyone is split into four teams and will be competing throughout Encounter to earn points (of course there is a prize for the winning team!). Teams chose their own name based on their assigned colour: the blue team became ‘Royal Blue,’ the Yellow is ‘Buttered Popcorn,’ Green is ‘Green Glory’ and Red became ‘Red-necked Spartans!’ At the end of day two, the competition is already growing!


Devotional Time

Throughout Encounter Camp we take time each morning to open His Word together for a time of devotions. Our desire for this time is not only to see truth and revelation imparted to the youth, but to give each person the opportunity to seek God for themselves. To create desire in them to continue to seek God for themselves, long after this camp has finished. We began on Monday morning inspiring passion for the Word, highlighting that the foundational and first reason we open these holy pages is to encounter God. Each word is an invitation to know Him more!


Evening Worship

To begin and end each day pursuing God and enjoying His presence is our greatest joy, and this year is no different. And so, we gather together every morning and evening to worship during Encounter. In His presence, everything changes: fears and insecurities fade and we truly come alive as the sons and daughters of the King! As we released our praise together on Sunday night, a song arose that “we are washed and liberated, loved and fully accepted.” What a beautiful truth to start off this week with! Remi made a declaration that Jesus is better than anything the world can offer – nothing can compare to the adventure of a life lived for God. He encouraged everyone to fasten their seat belts as we press in this week and ask the Lord to take full ownership of our lives.


Wet and Wild Day

Monday was the perfect day to enjoy some water games outside! Relishing the opportunity to win more points for their teams, the young people energetically created chants to rally everyone together. Water Balloon Relay, Human Battleships and a game involving a large slingshot were all on the menu for the afternoon and soon some of the girls’ requests to “keep their hair dry” were long forgotten! The afternoon ended with a full-on water fight before everyone jumped in the dam for a swim before dinner.


Monday with Youth for Christ

On Monday evening we were honoured to welcome a special guest and friend, Brandon, from Youth for Christ. Brandon is YFC’s director in Cyprus and it is such a privilege to partner with others who also desire to see a generation on this island set on fire for Yeshua. Brandon shared his testimony about struggling with anxiety and then spoke to us from Isaiah 40:30-31 that “they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.” Encouraging us to persevere with God, he also championed community by saying that “God never created us to do this alone.” Amen!