Encounter Camp: Day 4-6

Meet The Teams!

Though there has been a heat wave, nothing can stop us from having fun and finding adventure. Every day we break out into teams for various activities. Meet them Below!

Color Bomb Capture The Flag!

It wouldn’t be camp without a friendly game of Capture the Flag. It definetly wouldn’t be Encounter Camp without going a little out of the box. On Monday we ventured to a nearby field to play. As the teams discussed their roles and came up with their own strategies, the staff planted themselves at all of the boundary lines for a little fun of their own. The whistle blew and the campers began to run as fast as they could to the opposing side. Much to their surprise, they were suddenly being covered in neon colored powder.  The game intensified as they had to dodge not only getting tagged, but the color attack from their staff. The teams did so well working together that no one could actually get the other teams flag successfully over the line.


Worship and Teaching with Gwen

In worship that evening we began with some testimonies of how the Lord has been moving in the campers lives. He is truly bringing such transformation and it is a beautiful thing to witness. During worship there was a sense that we were right on the edge of breakthrough. As a prophetic act, everyone came forward to the stage to run and jump off into newness of life!

We then had the pleasure to hear from Gwen our fearless Encounter Camp leader. She spoke about the way God had called Jeremiah and the destiny God has for our lives. Our prayer for these students is that they would see the beautiful horizon He has before them.

Picture Scavenger Hunt

This year we decided to bring back a game that many campers have loved in the past. We sent each team out into the village with a diverse list of things they needed to get pictures of. Pumping a strangers gas, holding a cat, going down a slide as a group, and making a human pyramid were just some on that list. Each team did such a great job working together to get as many pictures as possible and some of the results were hilarious.

Shouts of Joy, Dance of Freedom!

On Tuesday during worship the Lord poured out His joy in a beautiful way. As we sang, exuberant praise came forth and we danced and shouted to the Lord. Many stepped into a new measure of freedom as they broke out of their comfort zones and worshipped without abandon. After worship Iulian shared from Numbers 13 encouraging us to not be limited by fear and fight for the promises of God in our lives. Alicia shared from the inspiring life of Obed Edom and desire to be in the presence of God. She encouraged everyone that when we seek His presence we will surely find Him.

Beach Day

To try and beat the heat we decided to head down to the beach for games and refreshment. With much excitement we hopped in the cars and drove down to Limassol.   After having a quick lunch, everyone ran straight for the water to race to the rafts floating on the sea. Some of the team decided to have diving contests or see who could flip the best while others waded along the shore. After about an hour of time in the sea we swam back to shore for a team challenge. Each team was given a shovel and a bucket in order to make the best sand sculpture.   Immediately they took their place on the sand  to see who could build the biggest or best. Some sculpted sharks or turtles while others kept the tradition of sand castles alive. Even the staff decided to join in with the competition and construct a massive sand structure. In the end it was the turtle that took the lead and gained points for their team. It was a fun day in the sun 

Guest Speaker: Brandon from Youth For Christ

During a deep time of worship we sang in the languages represented in the camp as we cried out for a move of God through our lives. We then had the honor to have Brandon from Youth for Christ as a guest speaker. He shared a message about our adoption as sons and daughters of God.  It is our desire to to see the youth in this region receive the revelation of their sonship. As this happens we are confident that the Lord will use them as fire starters in their nations!