STREAMS REPORT: Encounter Camp 2016


After a week of meeting with God in Moniatis, we ended this year’s Encounter Camp with a Streams Worship Gathering at Glory House in Limassol on Sunday night. 28 young people who had joined us from Cyprus, Israel, Egypt and Belgium were reunited with family and friends as we gathered together to worship and thank God!

The evening began powerfully as Arad, Daniella and George (all young people from the island who had attended Encounter Camp) came forward to share their own testimonies of what the Lord has done this past week. The whole group then made their way to the front as it was time to perform a dance they had been learning. Following on from the freedom they had all received in worship during the camp, the team stepped up to inspire this liberty in others as they moved together strongly. The theme of this year’s Encounter Camp is Cry Out, inspired by Isaiah 40. Wearing t-shirts with Cry Out displayed on them, the song’s lyrics confirmed this message by declaring “I’m going to sing out loud and let my voice be heard!”

After a time of worship, Chandy shared a message about responding to every situation from the viewpoint of God’s love, challenging us to be set apart with His vision and Heaven’s perspective. As the meeting ended, the sound of a great cry filled the room as we shouted out the name of Jesus together – ‘we love Your name, Jesus, You’re the beautiful one!’

Truly this year’s Encounter Camp has been life changing for both the young people and also for our team, and we are so thankful to the Lord for how He has met us with His presence and filled us with His love. May we go on from this time into where God has called us with the sound of hope ringing out from our lives. May we never stop crying out!



STREAMS REPORT: Dresden, Germany – June 2016


Last Saturday evening, both GTS I and II classes joined the Gateways Beyond Germany team for a Streams Worship Gathering at the Maritim Congress Centre in Dresden, the influential capital city of Saxony. Taking place at the very end of the GTS outreach trips to the nations, those gathered were full of expectancy for the Lord to move. We entered into a powerful time of worship led by members of our communities in Germany, Cyprus and Israel – a rare and precious moment. Our desire was to see a new sound being lifted up over this region, a song of hope arising in Germany. Believers had journeyed from across Germany to attend the meeting and we were also honored to welcome some of our brothers and sisters who were recently forced to flee their own nations. As everyone lifted their voices, passionate praise and worship was being poured out all over the room. Sounds of German, English, Arabic and Farsi uniting in a cry of adoration reminded us of the time that will come when everyone nation, tongue and tribe will worship the Lamb.


During the event, Norm Frederick, leader of the Gateways Beyond Germany base in Herrnhut, shared his heart for the city and how God has been stirring this in him for the last ten years. The declaration that came forth was “Now is the time for Dresden!” He encouraged all those who attended the event to be a people not satisfied with what they have already seen, but to be continually seeking the growth and advancement of the Kingdom. He exhorted us to be carriers of the glory within, and believe for revival in the region. As the Spirit of God began to rest more heavily in the room, Norm made a call to expand our vision and ask for the impossible! The evening led into a time of prayer ministry over those who needed breakthrough, healing in their bodies or simply felt the urge to respond to the stirring of the Lord.

We have been praying for years, “Saxony for the glory of God,” and last Saturday we tasted some of the fruit of those prayers. As a family of communities we will continue to pray and intercede for Germany and believe for revival in the nation.


Testimony Alert: One of the many testimonies from the evening took place during a time of prayer ministry at the end of the meeting. A young man had come forward for prayer who was suffering with depression: he had been experiencing some negative side effects due to his medication and desired a touch from the Lord. After praying for him, he was asked if he felt anything happening in his body. Faith rose as he said that all the pain had left his body and that he felt filled with peace. Encouraging him to go and soak in the presence of God as the worship continued, we declared over him that God would finish this wonderful work of healing and restoration!

Another testimony came as God moved upon a young man from the Middle East. As he was being prayed for, he became like a statue except tears were streaming down his face. After some time, without ever moving but continuing to weep, he was asked through the interpreter what was happening – the young man shared that when he began to be prayed for, he felt large wings embrace him and he could feel feathers on his arms. How amazing to know that there were angels of breakthrough present in the room!

UPCOMING EVENT: Streams Worship Gathering, February 21st

Ajax Hotel, Limassol, Sunday February 21st, 6:00pm



Dear friends,

In the first century, God used a Cypriot to release the destiny of a man born in Tarsus(Turkey). The convergence of Barnabas and Saul representing these two nations catapulted the gospel across the Mediterranean and beyond. In these last days let’s clothe ourselves in the mantle of encouragement(Barnabas) once again and be part of the unfolding mysterious plan of God.

We had a glorious time at the last Streams Worship Gathering with fresh revelation for intercession and an inspiring word for the believers on the island.

Mark your calendars for the upcoming Streams Worship Gathering!

When: Sunday Feb 21
Where: The Ajax Hotel, Limassol
Time: 6:00 pm

For more information please call 96705568

Hope to see you there!
for the Gateways Beyond Cyprus Team

STREAMS REPORT: Glory House Center – February 2015

Revive Us, That Glory May Dwell in Our Land

Our last worship gathering coincided with the annual Carnival event in Limassol. The venue we picked was in the downtown area and our team came expectant. As we worshipped, a few of our staff and interns went outside onto the street and started to share the love of God. We invited many to come inside and join the party. The response was spectacular as we led people on the streets to the love of the Father. Meanwhile, inside, revival atmosphere struck the room as Jeff Collins jumped to the attention of the Lord. Jeff Collins is well known in many countries as one who carries and lives out of the Presence. As he shared, Holy Spirit came and moved. We saw many lives touched and healed.



Before Streams, one of our students had a dream. In the dream, she saw salvation coming to Cyprus, specifically to someone in a red dress. She shared it with the team and we raised our expectation for salvations. As we began a time of ministry, praying over all those who were present, we suddenly found ourselves before a young girl in a red dress. We asked a few questions and found out she had never given her life to God. Gwen & Krista shared with her about Christ’s sacrifice, relationship with God, and salvation that was on offer that night. She prayed in her own words, declaring she wanted to put her trust in God! A dream come true before our eyes! We then prayed for her to receive the Holy Spirit and had a sweet time of rejoicing over her adoption into the family of God.

Outside a team of us went with the aim of praying for anyone who walked past and that is exactly what we did. We shared the gospel and loved on each one who can close. One lady we spoke to had back problems from birth and she had constant headaches. We prayed for her and shared the love of God – she was instantly healed! One of our team had a picture of her on her bed feeling sad and said that the Lord was going to reveal Himself to her in her time of need. She was visibly touched and left with her friends. Another man we prayed for received healing in his leg!




UPCOMING EVENT: Streams Worship Gathering

Onisilos Seaside Theater, Sunday April 26th, 6:00pm


Dear friends,

We are calling the different streams of faith across the island to come together for an evening of prophetic worship and prayer. We will meet at Onisilos seaside open air theatre. Come join us as we lift up the name of Jesus under open skies! We are stirred for greater things for this island and the mediterranean region. Let’s join our hearts and voices to hear and declare the heart of God.

Invite your friends.

Onisilos Theatre is located near Posedonia Hotel in Agios Tychonas. See map below.

See you there!
Chandy Thomas
for the Gateways Beyond Cyprus Team

For more information please call 96705568




ANNOUNCEMENT: Streams In The Desert – February 22nd



“Let the peoples praise You, O God; Let all the peoples praise you. Then the earth shall yield her increase.” Psalm 67:5,6

We want to invite our friends around the island for an evening of prophetic worship and prayer. Come and be encouraged as we hear a timely message for Cyprus and the Mediterranean region. Let us pursue His presence together and contend for the godly destiny of this island . Come and be a part of making history together in committed prayer and extravagant worship.

DATE : Sunday Feb. 22nd
VENUE : Glory House Center, Limassol
TIME : 6:00pm
ADDRESS: Corner of Chrysorogiatissis and Kolokotrini St,
Behind the Old Library, St.Andrews st.
CLICK HERE for map to Glory House Center

Look forward to seeing you there!

Many blessings,
Chandy Thomas
for the Gateways team

For more information please call 96705568 or email us.

ENCOUNTER 2014: Streams in the Desert


Testimonies and Performance from the Encounter Participants

To end our time of Encounter Camp we had a Streams event in Limassol. Parents, family, and friends all gathered at Glory House for a time of testimonies, worship, and teaching. We started the afternoon off with various students sharing testimony of all God did in their lives at Encounter. Testimonies were given about not wanting to attend the camp in the beginning but after meeting many friends and having encounters with God, they didn’t want the camp to be over. More testimonies of relationships being restored, baptisms, leaving things behind and stepping into a new identity in God, being filled with the Holy Spirit, and feeling God’s presence were shared.
After testimonies, the youth performed their stomp dance. Each group performed their beat along with making their declarations on Desire, Faith, and Ability. It was powerful to hear this generation formulating a declaration and releasing it. No one can reach this generation better than this generation.

Corporate Worship Time

During our time of worship a prophetic song was sung with words, “Dance on the chains of my circumstance, Nothing is gonna hold me back.” Many times during camp, the topic of not letting circumstances or situations sway us was spoken about. The youth were encouraged to be a generation that stands on the truth of God rather than be taken down by circumstances or situations. We don’t let our situations affect us but we stand on the word of God and what he says about us. It was a powerful time in our last worship together to be dancing around, shouting, and declaring this song.

Message from Chandy

The message for the evening was brought by Chandy. He spoke about this year being the 40th anniversary of Turkish invasion in Cyprus. Chandy referenced to scripture on the various stories that had to do with 40 years and the various things that happened in scripture. There was then a time Chandy had all the Filipino people stand up. Chandy called all Cypriot people to the front to pray for the Filipino people. There were prayers of repentance, blessing, and joining together. It was a precious time of prayer for the Filipino people letting them know we care for them, accept them, and they have a place here in Cyprus.
After Streams many hugs, laughs, and information was exchanged as we all said our goodbyes. Encounter camp may be over but the love of God, His presence, and encounters with Him have just begun.

STREAMS REPORT: Ajax Hotel – April 2013

In the afternoon, we had a wonderful opportunity to gather with the youth who come to the Encounter. With a powerful time of worship and exhortations. Our Gateways Interns led the service, preaching a strong word on consecration, releasing prophetic words and praying blessing over each one who came. What a joy to serve and bless the youth of this Island.

Encounter Exortation
Encounter Worship
We have all been feeling the significance of the time and season we live in and equally importantly the country we live in. As always there was a surge of encouragement just at the sight of believers gathering from all across the island!

In the mist of the economic crisis our dear friend Jon Dunn brought a powerful prophetic word for Cyprus that released God’s plans and strategy. All who were present felt the mobilizing word over the island. We are so grateful to the Lord for his goodness in equipping us with His Word for the days ahead.

Call and Response
We have included a transcript of the prophetic word here and an audio link to the whole message and one for just the prophetic word!