Beyond the Dream: Vision

Equipping this generation with God’s heart for Israel & the nations since 2000

In 1722, a small group of refugees had just arrived in Saxony, Germany, to seek the favor of Count Zinzendorf. With the religious persecution increasing in their homelands, they were looking for shelter, and the count provided them with a piece of property on which to build. Although they were few and came with very little, they committed the work of their hands to the Lord, believing Him to establish it.

What started so small and fragile became a community that was centered in prayer and worship, training and equipping, and sending hundreds of missionaries into the world.  Many have heard of the impact this small community has had in times past and even today. The testimonies of their lives still inspire many men and women to live their life fully unto the Lord.

Like the Moravians, God has brought us from different nations to this small island in the Mediterranean Sea. He has also provided for us a piece of property on which to build, and we too have committed the work of our hands to the Lord, to establish all that He has in His plan.  Our hearts are set to see this piece of land with which we have been entrusted become the dwelling place and physical center of our community, the sending hub for missions into Europe, Africa and the Middle East, and a place of refuge for the persecuted and the stranger. We also desire to see revival sweep through Cyprus, transforming all spheres of society, so that this island can take its strategic place and role as we are nearing the day of Yeshua’s return. Even as the beginnings are small and fragile, seemingly insignificant, we lift our vision high, trusting God to complete all that He has begun.

We are a community with the call to send and receive. We are a people who pray and believe in the power of the Holy Spirit and are committed to work while it is still day. To see our work and ministry come to a greater fullness in all that God has called us to be, and to be able to accommodate the growth we have experienced in recent years, we firmly believe it is necessary for us to be established on this land.

On the following pages you will find out more about recent developments, upcoming projects, and how you can become a part of it.
Most importantly, we want to invite you to believe with us to see this place of continual worship and prayer, training and equipping young people, as well as sending and receiving the body of Messiah, established.

We covet your prayers for this cause!

More Information

The property we are introducing to you is not just a place for farming and growing food, but also a training base and launching pad for men and women who will go and change nations.  Our joy and call is to train young people in a community setting: teaching them biblical truth, immersing them in worship and prayer, and releasing them to be servants of God in every aspect of life. The practical challenges of farming and building create a wonderfully important aspect of discipleship.

The ongoing projects on the land are opening a door into the local community and are a connecting point to build relationships with the people of the surrounding villages. There is a harvest yet to be reaped and we believe that God has given us a great tool to be used for the preparation of the workers.


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